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Art Storage Systems
PortfolioManufacturing of a Porta Storage™ System for Brooklyn Museum/Luce Study CenterManufacturing & Installation of a Porta Storage™ System for the Cincinnati Art MuseumManufacturing & Installation of a Porta Storage™ System for a Private ClientManufacturing of a Porta Storage™ System for use within Yale UniversityManufacturing & Installation of a Porta Storage™ System for the Brooklyn MuseumManufacturing of a Porta Storage™ System for use within the Holocaust MuseumManufacturing of a Porta Storage™ System for a Private Use ApplicationManufacturing of a Porta Storage™ System for use within a Massachusetts Art Museum

Art Storage Systems for Textiles, Paintings, Photos, Art Objects

Art Storage Systems for Textiles, Paintings, Photos, Art ObjectsPORTA STORAGE™ designs and manufactures unique art storage systems that fit the needs of art studios, galleries, archeologists, court houses, museums, collectors, universities, libraries and more.

Our Porta Storage™ art storage systems allow users to safely and effectively store everything from framed objects to textiles, paintings, photographs and more. Our ultimate goal is to help our valued clients maximize their storage density while providing easy access to their collections. Our systems provide 15 to 30 sq. ft. of art storage capacity for each square foot of floor area. We design, document, manufacture and install our systems lightweight panels with their extruded aluminum framework, complete with smooth roller bearing wheels that provide easy access to either side of the panel. We can manufacture panels up to 24 ft. long and up to 13.5 ft. high, with a hanging weight capacity of 10 lbs per sq. ft.

Our company can handle the installation on your behalf or provide detailed, customized easy-to-follow instructions. Our systems work on a range of flooring types, such as concrete, terrazzo, hardwood, linoleum, tile and epoxy.

You will find more information on the construction of our product as well as our special Porta storage hooks below. We look forward to discussing your storage needs with you.

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General Capabilities
Intended Applications
Art Studios
Court Houses
Historical Societies
Pieces of Art Stored
Framed Objects
Porta Storage™ Art Storage System Material Aluminum Extrusions
Steel Expanded Metal
Porta Storage™ Art Storage System Features/Benefits
Floor Supported
Custom Manufactured Options Available
Powder Coated Floor Tracks
Full Access to Both Sides
Maintenance Free
Roller Bearing Wheels
Pull-Out System
Ceiling Tracks
Textile Racks
  • Removable Aluminum Pull System
Unique H-Linkage for Panel Connection
Unique Porta Storage Hooks
  • Designed Specifically to be Used with Our Mesh
  • Secure fit with no worry of Dislodging
  • Much Better fit than Standard "S" Hooks
Hanging Surfaces Expanded Metal Mesh
Porta Storage™ Art Storage System Storage Size 15-30 Square Feet for each Square Foot Of Floor Space
Porta Storage™ Art Storage System Length Max
24 ft.
Porta Storage™ Art Storage System Height Max
13.5 ft.
Hanging Weight Capacity 10 lbs Per Square Foot
Information Needed for Manufacturing
Floor Plan Layout
  • Including Door & Window Location
Room Dimensions
Type Of Ceiling
Height of Ceiling
Type of Floor
Applicable Floor Types
Fabrication Methods
Miter Cutting
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • TIG Welding
Finish Natural Mill Finish
Powder Coated
Additional Services Design & Engineering
  • CAD Capabilities/3-D CAD Modeling
  • Working with AutoCAD and Solid Works
  • Floor Plans
Installation Services
  • We can come to your Facility to Install your Custom Porta Storage™ System
Custom Installation Instructions
  • Easy to Follow
  • Straight Forward Install
Industry Standards
American Society for Testing and Materials
American Welding Society
File Formats AutoCAD (DWG,DWZ)
BMP(Bit Mapped Graphics)
DXF(Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format)
GIF(Graphics Interchange Format)
IGES(Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI file format.)
JPG or JEPG(Joint Photographic Experts Group)
PDF(Portable Document Format)
STEP(Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data)
TIFF(Tagged Image File Format)

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